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Unit 8I

8Ia Hot stuff

Brief revision summary from BBC bitesize.

Exercises and links from digital brain - the language level is quite high but the exercises could be distributed to different members of the class and then summarised at the end. The web links are quite high level in places.

How do thermometers work? Just one of the questions answered on this site.

8Ib Focus on - Absolute zero

Information on the Kelvin scale which also has links to Celsius and Fahrenheit. The second section explains the concept of absolute zero but pupils may need help with this..

This site is actually all about space but it contains some information on the Kelvin scale and gives a list of different temperatures in the Universe in Kelvin. Would also be useful for 7L.

8Ic Going up

This is really for teachers rather than pupils - it looks at different ways of discussing these topics and then goes on to offer some 'thought experiments'.

This site looks at the way heat is transferred within the Earth. It is quite complex but may be worth exploring for high achievers.

8Ic - Radiation

This site explains how infrared can be used to look at objects in space.

A basic introduction to infrared but it also includes some information on imaging.

8Id - Save it!

1nteger - The Integer House [sic]: This site is dedicated to environmentally sound and novel construction techniques, with energy saving being a key focus. The house at the bottom of Page 113 in the Pupils Book is featured on this site and you can even control some of its operations from this site


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