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Assessment Materials

The materials provided here allow you greater flexibility in assessing the progress of your pupils.

All our assessment material has been checked by Dr Colin McCarty, previously Project Director of KS3 Science Test Development for KS3 Science for QCA, ACCAC and CCEA.

Tests for Lower Attainers

These tests are intended to be used in place of the normal End of Unit tests for lower attaining pupils.

Click here for more details, and to select the tests you need.

Progress tests

The Key Stage 3 Framework for Science identifies 5 key areas in which pupils’ progress can be tracked. These tests help you to assess pupils’ performance in these areas.

Click here for more details, and to select the tests you need.

New style SATs

In 2003 the SATs papers for KS3 will include more emphasis on Sc1. This section provides some additional questions that you can use to give pupils practice in answering these types of questions.

Click here for details about how Exploring Science can be used to help prepare pupils for the new style SATs.

Click here to select the tests you need.

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